We’ll Move Your Computers And IT Equipment, Too
Few moving companies can offer you such complete de-installation, moving, relocation and re-installation of your computers, workstations, data centers, server rooms and other IT infrastructures.

Because your electronic data is critical to your business, Commercial Moving Services plans the relocation of all your time sensitive equipment to minimize downtime. You can often conduct business as usual even when you’re in the middle of a move. Frequently, we provide a special crew and a “hot” truck to complete the movement of this delicate equipment both efficiently and safely.

Our process begins with a review of your IT infrastructure and your business units. Each company’s requirements and priorities are different. But, in general, here’s how a tech service team project flows:

Meet to thoroughly understand your priorities
– The move itself might be divided into multiple stages
– There may be differing requirements for the blackout of certain hardware

Prioritize your critical items
– What needs priority move status
– What must be last off-line and first on-line

Assign and schedule a “hot” truck
– A hot truck is a dedicated electronics-handling division air-ride vehicle
– Hot trucks only move the designated equipment
– Hot trucks help guarantee you have no or minimal down time

Conduct a complete walk-through your existing space
– Study and record all office technology
– Verify what will be moved
– Discuss any unusual requirements

Establish target timelines and milestones
– Any business interruption is minimized or eliminated

Prepare a contingency plan
– Create alternative plans to overcome any unavoidable schedule changes, hardware failures, weather impact or system interruption

Call For Advice Or Service Anytime
Our technical team is available with just one phone call to 860-688-6606.