Commercial Moving Services focuses on your record management and storage needs. Our goal is to exceed your expectations. With state-of-the-art technology we scan and track every box, file and magnetic tape. But technology is only as good as the people who use it. Our people are experts at records management. With us, you save money and work more efficiently.

Ask a Commercial Moving Services representative about our success stories. We’re dedicated to making your story our next success story.

Secure Warehousing
We have limited access buildings with 40,000 square feet of storage space. No one except you and our trained records management staff has access to your records. Our facilities contain many fire and theft prevention features. They meet every local building code for safety and fire suppression. We keep every building clean, well-maintained and we’ll even provide crating services.

When your records move within our system, they are tracked and recorded. A unique bar code number, assigned to each file, box, and item, tells us exactly where every record is at every moment. That bar code scans to your customer number on your site prior to your boxes being picked up or delivered by Commercial Moving Services.

Warehousing: Free Pick Up
In most cases, Commercial Moving Services will pick up your surplus office furniture, equipment, computers, trade show materials, industrial machinery, records and other items you want stored at no charge.

In summary, there are four major reasons to use us for records management. We provide:

  • Customer-first service. The goal is always to exceed your expectations.
  • Advanced records management equipment. Safety is paramount. We always know where everything is.
  • Trained experience staff. Our staff is continually trained in the latest records management technology, procedures and best practices.
  • Modern, secure housing. The threat of theft, fire and other disasters is all but eliminated.

Commercial Moving Services is committed to the protection of your vital information.