No Commercial Move Is Too Big Or Too Small For Us
Commercial Moving Services specializes in all types and sizes of business relocations. Our crews have years of experience moving offices, schools and manufacturing facilities. We will move your belongings safely and efficiently. You will minimize any lost time and maintain your business operations to the maximum.

The Secret To Our Success
What’s our secret? Our employees. They are highly trained and qualified. Commercial Moving Services’ on-going training program stressing proper moving procedures, packing techniques and job safety.

Another reason for our success is you. You, our customers, allow us to work closely with you so we fully understand your needs and answer all your questions. We fully discuss packing, move preparation, your responsibility and our responsibilities. We go over with you the materials, equipment and procedures that make for a successful and efficient move.

We explain our labeling system. Our discussions include all the keys: color-coding, room diagrams, directional placards, preparing sensitive or fragile items for shipment, pre-move purging, identifying personal property and much more.

We Give You Your Own Project Manager
You will have your own Commercial Moving Services on-site project manager. The project manager will get to know your needs. He will establish a labeling system to identify the right office and even the exact floor placement of your items. He will help make you and your employees fully equipped for a simple and easy move.

Just prior to your move date, the project manager will placard your new space with floor plans for each office and directional signage to guarantee efficient placement of your moved items.