Manufacturers and other businesses often must move huge, multi-ton equipment. The machinery may not fit through standard building openings. Our specialized moving services can safely and efficiently move your large industrial machinery.We have a staff of experienced riggers who meet challenges like this frequently.

Thorough Planning Is The Key
Planning to move expensive machinery involves careful and extensive planning. Commercial Moving Services pre-plans every phase of the job. Every job is unique. Each presents different challenges, and in many cases, requires custom solutions. We come to your facility and provide a walk-through to see what obstacles your location presents. We will then help you plan and coordinate your project down to each detail.

Whether you need your machinery relocated within your shop or trucked across the country, Commercial Moving Services can perform all phases.

  • Hands-on rigging
  • Equipment installation
  • Leveling for machine efficiency
    • Anchoring
    • Leveling
    • Core Drilling