Full-Service Movers

Commercial Moving Services is a full-service commercial moving and storage company serving all of New England.

Among the services we offer include:

Document Life and Destruction
Heavy Machinery and Rigging Services
Library Relocation
Office Relocation
Records Management
Secure Storage and Warehousing
Service Requests
Systems Furniture Technology
Technology Group Services

You will spend a lot of time and money on your move, so you want to work with a quality company. Here are some guidelines.

Price is only one of the major factors in choosing the right moving company. You want value, not just a good price. Before you choose, conduct a thorough evaluation of at least two or three similar companies. Look beyond the price. Consider at least several additional factors:

  • Is the moving company reliable?
    Check on the firm’s reputation and background. Seek input from each firm’s former customers and suppliers.
  • Is the firm experienced?
    Has this moving company successfully handled moves similar to yours in size and type?
  • Is the proposal clear and complete?
    Does the moving company’s proposal show exactly what is covered? Is everything clear to you? Are there things you need that are not listed and that may cost you extra?
  • Does the company communicate with you and listen well?
    You want to work with a company that understands your needs and make things easier. Choose a company that listens to you and clearly communicates.
  • Is the insurance coverage comprehensive?
    Things can go wrong even with the best moving company. Which firm has the most comprehensive insurance coverage? Is there an extra charge for the insurance you want?

After you choose a mover, sign the contract as soon as possible. As soon as you sign, a reliable moving firm will lighten your load by assisting you in planning your relocation.

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